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Das Negativ Logo von Goldartdesign - Icon und Schriftzug.

golden designs based on professional know-how

Every company possesses its own distinctive identity, deserving an external representation that reflects its uniqueness. It requires a touch that is individualized, professional, and meticulously crafted to align
with your philosophy and resonate with your target audience. Merely generating run-of-the-mill logos online will not suffice. From conceptualization to the final campaign, we collaborate to unearth the
essence of your company or product, allowing it to radiate in a golden hue. Goldartdesign epitomizes graphic design that not only inspires but also leaves a lasting imprint in memory—this is the ethos
embodied by my name, Maria Gold!


individual concepts tailored to your company philosophy


high professional external appearance on all levels


professional website designs paired with usability, accessibility, SEO,...

social media

targeted content in your individual design — Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,...

print & production

professional preparation for printing combined with various refinements


logo animations, digital banners, etc. enhance static images immensely

Work With me.

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