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A service that is worth its weight in gold, all from one trusted source? You have come to the right place! Your external appearance holds significant importance on multiple levels. I aim to provide comprehensive support with a range of   services, personally delivered with warmth and the highest standards of quality. 

Let us elevate your presence together!


In times of artificial intelligence, it’s easy to create run-of-the-mill logos and basic websites – what’s missing is an individual concept tailored to the guidelines of your company, your customers and many other factors. We start with a detailed analysis of your initial situation and develop tailor-made solutions for your target group. In a detailed briefing, we will discuss together how your company can be optimized.

aufgeschlagene Buchseite in pink mit grafischen Elementen


Once the concept is in place, it’s time to design. A professional external appearance is the be-all and end-all of a company. As we all know, the eye eats and the first impression should not be underestimated. This particularly applies to the perception of the professionalism of companies. In addition to corporate design, editorial and unusual packaging design, you get data perfectly prepared for print as well as screens. Images that you would like to show in a brochure that are razor-sharp are certainly far too large for your website – with me you will get perfectly prepared data for all areas and always up to date!

web- & screendesign

Let’s be honest… Unfortunately, without computers and cell phones, nothing works anymore. Especially when it comes to marketing, your appearance on the World Wide Web is a big factor for the future of your company. Business cards are certainly important in direct contact with customers, but you have to find them first and there is hardly anything better than that your own website and social media channels. A completely wrong approach would be to use your favorite color and font. Ultimately, you want to address your target group and not representatives of the same taste. I would be happy to tell you which shape, color, font, advertising material works, how and for what purpose. Here you get everything from the idea – to a design – to the finished website!

Computer, davor Tablet mit zwei Händen
Mobiltelefonbildschirm mit verschiedenen Icons drauf. zB Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter

social media

Nowadays, social media is essential for any company that wants to increase its visibility and interact with customers. Targeted content that appears regularly across multiple platforms can significantly increase your brand awareness. With my help, you can address your target group directly and communicate with them – be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social networks. Together we will take your social media performance to the next level!

print & Production

There is an incredible variety of paper types, printing inks and processes, finishes, etc. I will advise you on all options and prepare your business cards, stamps, brochures, foiling, etc. professionally for every printing technology and printing company. Stand out with laser engraving or glossy varnish? Unique mesh banners, goodie bags, etc.? No problem – together we will find that special something for your product/company.

Stapel mit verschiedenen Zeitungen
Farbmuster überlagert mit Teilen des Golartdesign Logos


Do you already have a logo that you’re happy with, but you’re missing some pizzazz? No problem — a logo animation is always an eye-catcher. Whether on the website, social media or in your signature. (The same applies to advertising banners, of course.)